Oct 18, 2006

Parking Lot Bingo

So the hate mail finally stopped pouring in. i actually got a hefty amout of positive messages defending me, my art, irony and intelligence in general. Being hated helps develop quite an appetite so I went to lunch yesterday after posting that blog. It was pretty busy at the Public Market and i drove around a few times looking for a spot. as i was drving by the front entrance I had to stop and wait for a guy to pull out of his spot. He was backing out from the left and there was another car waiting for that spot coming from my opposite direction. I didnt really care since im not a fucking parking lot nazi. I can wait... and will park in the nosebleeds if i have to. Its just a longer walk, no biggie. I can use the excersize. But this really tested my patience. So, dude backs out, ass end to me. i have to wait for him to back out and then wait for the other guy to take the spot. Then, a car on the right hand side directly adjacent to the spot i was just talking about, a car starts to back out. so, the car in front of me who was just parked waits for him. I'm sitting there kinda getting heated but not really. It was just a chaotic moment in the parking lot. but then the unbelievable happens. When the car on the right backs out and proceeds to exit the lot the guy, who was just parked on the left starts to advance. I start to chill out and accept waiting just a few more moments for everyone in front of me to get the fuck out of the lane so i can find myself a spot. possibly this nice one right up front. well, like friggin' Goldylocks the car that was in the spot on the left that started all this mess pulls forward then brakes and pulls into the new spot on the right. WHAAAT? what could the advantage of that fucking bullshit have possible been? he moved his car like 8 feet! and made me and 2 other cars wait for his lazy ass.

if youre confused, I made a diagram. It might end up making you more confused but I'm the Grey car. you can probably figure out the rest.

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Anonymous said...

that is soooo freaking funny... i swear this stuff only happens to you :) you need a reality TV show... it'll be called "The Kirkness"