Oct 6, 2006

FireFox - get it! (sliced bread part III)

If youre still using Internet Explorer you should be kicked in the balls. Firefox is the best thing since sliced bread. ..and if youre using AOL just go hang yourself.
with Tabs customizable Themes and rad Extensions like Adblock, Webmail compose, Menu Editor and Disable Backspace Navigaition.. my life is that much easier.

I havent seen a banner ad in almost a year. I got rid of the useless "help" from my menubar. consolodated all my icons and searches into one navigation bar. and now with the disable backspace thing I dont accidently go "back" to the previous page when i hit backspace in a form. I just got "Mouse Gestures" that allows you to just move your mouse up and over to open a new window. I still have to set it up, theres tons of settings. And by chance the page youre trying to view can only be viewed in Internet Explorer, theres a cool plug in called IETab that opens IE in a new tab right inside FF. problem solved with one browser window open, and Pacman on pause
on my Google Home page in another tab.

I cant begin to tell you how awesome FF is.
please, go here now.

speaking of sliced bread, Google kicks ass too. (and plays well with Firefox)

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