Oct 5, 2006


I blacked out this post for people who didnt want to get spoiled for Season 3. Select the text to read.
I also removed the pictures.

So the "BE HERE" in class was for an evaluation thing of how good our teacher was doing. That ended at like 8:15, i hauled ass in the lab and got my assignment done. then i hauled ass in the rain and made it in the door by 8:56. ran to the TV and flipped it to ABC.

I end up watching it with Meg, her sister and her mom. Noobs I tell ya. I'm officially sick of people who watched last night that havent seen all of season 1 and 2. they ask all these dumb questions and expect me to catch them up on whats going on. ARE YOU KIDDING? this isnt fucking Survivor or Law & Order. And i wish they would stop promoting it with articles about how Lost is great because "you can start watching whenever"... its network hype so people arent afraid to watch their precious hit show when people know nothing about it. ... how are people even supposed to know the first scene was a flashback? "OMG theres another plane crash?"

anyway, so I'm watching, trying to give 2000% attention and block out everyone making noise.

WTF? the others have a little hood on the island? crazy! anyway, here's some thoughts and updated theories after watching last night. If youre confused its ok. go rent the fucken DVDs.

i still think the plane crash could have been planned since it seemed like the others had a plan for what to do. it wasn't like they stood there freaking out. they knew what had to be done. very organized. As far as staged or people being moved after crashing, maybe someone's setting up the others. it seems less likely now, but not impossible.

I still think there could be 2 groups of others. the "good guys" who dress haggard to try to blend in with the real haggards, the "bad guys" who are more mysterious and might be the source of the whispers.

The info on Jack, IMO was attained by interrogating Kate. She returned from a nice breakfast on the beach crying and with jacked up wrists from the cuffs... something happened, your wrists dont get jacked like that from eating eggs bennedict. and i wouldnt be surprised to see a Kate confessing to telling them stuff scene. she just might do it to save her own behind. Also, Fenry AKA Ben, said "good job" or something after Juliette pulled the file on jack. i only think the file was fake beacause she didnt have it right away. she was asking him crap she'd know already. it took time to get info from kate. at first she used info Fenry picked up on while in the hatch. character traits and things like that.

if i'm wrong about that, I think the blood they took, hence the bandaid and cottonballs, was for DNA. and they used thier DNA to get thier records. i like the Kate theory better. its more sinister.

how much truth was there to the Repo man answer? theres a lot we dont know about him. tattoos, Thailand for example.

Juliete is a doctor... they all are. remember the scenes with claire? a room full of white coats.

where is Alex? she seemed to roll with the others but hasnt been seen since. did they find out she let claire go?

where is Bea? she wasnt with the others in the neighborhood. she seemed like she was important.

who is Carl (thats the name right?) the guy in the other cell? was the escape set up? if he could escape, why did he choose right then? seems kinda sketchy.



Jessica A. Walsh said...

Damnm dude. Now that I know how you really feel.....

Geez, sorry I asked.

The post helped though because now I know you have a lot of the same questions I do. I put Season one on my Christmas list.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I loved it.

A lot of people are bickering and whining about not getting all the answers they wanted. Boo fucking hoo. There was stuff that needed to be talked about and they will do in their own way. I loved it.

I think you are right about the interogation of Kate. You know I didn't think of that scenario. I'm going to back you on that one.

Polar bears were in the cage where Sawyer was, I'm thinking.

I think the kid was planted there to have Sawyer escape and then get caught again on purpose. It was staged I think.

So the tank that Jack was in, is that where the Dharma shark was originally?

Why did Henry close the door on Juliet and leave her to risk it with Jack?

The book they had was a Stephen King book. Props to the Kingman and also a slight inside joke about the "Bad Twin" ghost writer?

I wonder how far out under water Jack is?

Can't wait to see what Sayid has been up to and the rest of the gang. Next week is going to be even better.

I'm so happy it's back.

Heather said...

you're all wrong. Kate didn't know all that stuff about Sara. And i don't think there are 2 sets of others either... so far all the other's encounters you can trace back to the one group. But i think there's something out there.