Oct 4, 2006

LOST, new season Tonite!!

so, the night i've been waiting for all summer has arrived...the Premier of Season 3 of my favorite show LOST.
the bad news is that I have fucking AutoCad class tonite. Usually I'd just skip class but tonite, out of all the nights on the schedule the teacher put "BE HERE" for what were going to be doing that day. shit. so whatever "BE HERE" means, i hope it doesnt take up the whole class and i can cut out in time to catch LOST. fuck a duck. oh well, shouldnt be a problem, its just some night class at the JC.

here's some spoiler screen shots.

awesome. yes, im a total nerd but fortunatly, some of my friends are coming out of the woodwork who just finished the DVDs and are now hooked. I'll have more people (in real life) to talk about lost with.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait. If you miss it, just download it off a torrent site if you don't have tivo like the rest of the planet.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

I don't have tivo. I just got cable three weeks ago. I can't handle too much too soon.

Hey Kirk, what was so damn important in class last night amyway? I'm debating whether or not to watch again next week. If you agree to continue to help me out and answer some questions, I'll watch it.