Oct 13, 2006

LOST is getting frustrating.

I'm sorry losties, I love this damn show but LOST is getting frustrating. thats a given. but sometimes i dont know what the writers are doing. Hear me out...

Im afraid that all the mythology and easter eggs arent going to pan out. They've said that they have vowed to tone down the mythology for the show's third season. Instead, they'll place more of an emphasis on action-adventure, romance and character. I'm worried that they'll just leave a million loose ends in the sake of "character development" or whatever. and honestly, "the glass ballerina" as with the last few Jin/Sun episodes was a bunch more of the same. how many times can you say sun wasnt happy with Jin and that Jin is a bad ass with a heart underneath? That doesnt say much for the writers focusing on the characters and story.

I get it already, we want more smoke and monsters, more numbers, more connections... but more importantly, we want some of those loose ends tied up.. at least some of them. theyre introducing the others and telling more of thier story without resolving a gajillion other big twists were still curious about from 1 and 2. And how can you develop characters like the others without delving into more island mythology and explaining what it is and why they are there? Showing that Juliete and Benry needed mariage counseling isnt captivating enough for avid LOST fans. and new fans are just gonna feel more lost thinking they already gave these people's backstory and they just missed it.

we, the avid LOST fans, dont want the whole theory of the show explained, just throw us a bone once in a while. yes, you've got our attention now stop waving tid bits of interesting plot devices in front of us unless youre gonna actually come through.


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I think LOST will come back around and bring it all together. I think we're taking the first 2 seasons for granted a little and a tad frustrated with all these things getting brought out, but I have a feeling this will all come together...But in order for some questions to be answered - we need to know all the pertinent information.