Oct 13, 2006

the squatter!

This may be the answer to the question raised in my last post. How to avoid pissing on the seat? eliminate the seat!

The Squatter, or 'Turkish Toilet' is pretty common overseas. Millions of non-Americans cant be wrong.

here's the arguments for and against the squatter, from the Wikipedia page.

  • They are less expensive and easier to clean and maintain
  • They are less vulnerable to vandalism
  • They induce rapid user turnover (no time lost due to people reading, resting, talking on mobile phones etc.)
  • The splashing of water on the buttocks after a heavy defecation does not occur
  • They do not involve any contact between the buttocks and a potentially unsanitary surface
  • Squatting might help to build the required pressure more comfortably and quickly
  • Squatting makes elimination faster, easier and more complete
  • Squatting may reduce the occurrence or severity of hemorrhoids [1] and possibly other colorectal disorders


A common argument against the squat toilet is that if toilet paper is used where there is no flushing system installed, it is easy for the inexperienced user to clog the toilet. Those unfamiliar with the squat toilet should be sure to ask the location of the flushing bucket before attempting use. These buckets flush the toilets manually like a tank would.

  • Risk of falling due to a wet floor or poor balance
  • Unsanitary condition of the floor due to diarrhea or inaccurate aim
  • Potential for splattering of urine or feces on the legs and feet
  • Potential for leg cramps, or discomfort for users having osteoarthritis

well the PROS do outwheigh the CONS.. fuck it, I'm getting one put in. we'll have a Chili and Curry pot-luck to celebrate.

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Rita said...

Jesus H. Christ. I can't believe you actually blogged this conversation.

I was sorta queasy most of the afternoon.