Oct 30, 2006

monday roundup

here's some pics i took from the past couple weeks. its not a lot but thats probably a good thing.

here's my grandparents at my grandpa's 78th birthday. yea i know my grandma is hot. easy kids she's like 75 too.

this is from my 30th birthday. I took a picture to prove to you all that i really do have friends.

here's the root beer loot Meg got me for my birthday!

The cat, Mr.Pigglesworth hates everyone, especially the dog, George. Yesterday they were both in lazy mode so much neither one of them gave a shit and chilled out on the bed with meg. it was picture worthy.

and last but not least... this is Meg and I's Halloween costumes.


1 comment:

Jessica A. Walsh said...

Awesome costumes!