Oct 24, 2006

Bomb Day!

holy crap, someone called in a bomb threat on my school. I didnt really give a shit today because i dont have class, but then i got an email from my teacher and school is gonna be closed tomorrow too. nucking futs. some places get snow days. I never had a snow day... but now i can say I had a bomb day. thanks terrorist wannabe types, no class today! It was probably some nutty lame kid that wasnt ready for the midterm exam.
DVC thanked the following agencies for their timely professional assistance:

Pleasant Hill Police

Concord Police

Walnut Creek Police

Bart Police

Contra Costa Sherriff’s Office

Contra Costa Community College District Police

California Highway Patrol

The Federal Bureau of Investigation

United States Department of Justice

- FBI? Dept of Justice? holy shit thats major. but they forgot to thank the Viking Cheer Squad for thier unappropriately cheery & colorful DVC IS CLOSED TODAY! signs.


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