Oct 16, 2006

Rocked the Casbah

I have many pieces of art on a page i maintain on deviantart.com. Today I log on and see I have a shitload of new comments on one particular painting. you all know it, The Oblivious Sheik. I start reading and its all these people arguing about thier beloved Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. So I'm like whhhaaaaaaaaaat the efff? then i see that it was selected to be on the homepage as the featured Daily Deviation.

First of all its an honor to be selected for the daily deviation, too bad my its been overshadowed by people calling me a racist, a terrorist and other things in arabic i cant read. by people saying they were going to rip out my eyes and cut my hands off. nice people. real art lovers. thanks for all the (ZERO) private messages from people asking me what the piece means or if it was even supposed to be who they think it is. Just a bunch of people spouting hate like a sprinkler toy. undirected, completely ignorant, hate. not everyone hates Arabs. I have nothing against them. I wish people would get all the facts before they start making threats of violence on public websites.

if they would have asked i would have told them that the idea came from seeing a guy in really outrageous African dress in a car, but with part of his robe stuck in the door. I thought a religiously clean white robe would be even funnier. and that i just found the best source image in google i could that had "a guy" in "a robe" sitting in "that position" that i could use. and thanks to those of you who "get it" its about nobility being put in its place. namely, in a place where most of us are. and tried to do it in a funny way.

thanks to all the praise and people who supported me and understood what this harmless painting was all about. thanks also to all comments on the other pieces in my gallery.

read all the love taps here...

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jimbizzle said...

More reasons why I hate people, but I know you're racist. You hate white people! Oh wait... You just hate everything!

Keep painting man.