Oct 9, 2006

Adventures in McBreakfast

I know, why the hell am i even going there. I cant help it, i like McGriddles and its next to my work. At this one in particular, which is probably similar in many McDonalds across this great nation of ours, you got rude ghetto teens and spanish speaking employees.. recipe for disaster.
If you follow my blogs you know all about my Jack In The Box adventures. if not, click here. those were classics.

This morning when i got there I thought to myself that the drive thru might not have been a bad idea. the place was pretty crowded. I walked up to the line which chatoicly spilts into lines that go to two registers. after i get in line this hardened, manly woman in her 60's with surprisingly perky B and a half cups and no bra, in a dirty red tank top and messy boy/dike cut, salt and pepper hair with 80's style round rimmed light brown framed glasses. the kind 2 yr old girls get when they have eye problems, walks up to the line. she's next to me in the zone of the line that sorta splits into two. slowling, but passive aggressively inching in front of me.

Then this black kid, probably around 11 or 12 and his younger brother and even younger sister come in and get in line behind us. his street smart spidey sense recognises that one line is a bit shorter and walks by Manwoman determining which line would be faster. she rudely informs him in a 3 pack a day for 40 years voice "there's only one line" but makes no acknowlegment of the fact that I was there before her. and made sure she made her prescence closer to the register than me known with body language and subltle movements toward the shorter line.. -what a bitch

after I ordered, wondering what was taking so long, i see the worker buzzing up some mcflurries... ?? at 9am? then these 2 girls probably 13-15 walk up. the lady calls "429" the girls walk up and get thier mcmuffins and mcflurries (again, ice cream at 9am?) and then stood there saying "excuse me..EXCUSE ME" in a kind of "you-owe-me-your-attention/the customer-is-always-right" tone. then the worker who is obviously busy, so busy in fact that her brain instantly went onto thinking about the next 4 orders she had to prepare the second thier hands touched the bag answered "yes?" as if to avert thier impending crisis. one of the girls said in the same bitchy, holier than thou tone of voice "we said for here and you gave it to us to-go" I'm thinking, WHHHAAT you self riteous pieces of shit... the worker gives them a look of "are you fucking kidding me?" reaches under the counter and tosses a tray at them. seriously tho, if you want it for-here you shut the fuck up, recognise that the world doesnt revolve around you, chalk it up to a very busy underpaid staff, take your fucking bag of food and sit the fuck down. what the hell else are you missing? does the tray matter THAT much? here's the kicker... as the girls walk off i hear them behind me murmer "biitch"... UGH wtf. i blame MTV.

after i get my stuff and head towards the door i hear this construction worker who knows exacltly what he wants order confidently "Sausage McMuffin and a Large Orange soda, NO ICE!" very matter-of-fact. I hope they dont fuck up his order.

anyway, im back at the office with my McGriddle and Coffee and you know "I'm Lovin' It"

on a side note; i had to park in the back lot today. i approached the street i work on to see cop cars and crime scene tape. the "crime scene" went right by my work. i found out from co-workers that someone found a dead body right across the street at 3am this morning. appearantly they were shot. god i love this neighborhood. dead bodies, hookers, surly teens at mcdonalds, my car getting stolen from our parking lot at 9:00 in the morning. fucking awesome.

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Three Cheers For Oakland!!!