Oct 11, 2006

Cyborg Cats, Man Made Meat, and Explosions

ok so theres this website that I say "cool" or "neat" or "wow" whenever i visit it. It's like having some really smart friend that has some random but damn interesting thing to tell you about every time you see him. That site not coincidently is www.DamnInteresting.com.

Today there was photos of a nuclear blast from the instant it explodes. "neat". and a story about how eating your boogers is good for your immune system "cool". I also read about the CIA making Cyborg-Cat-Spys to listen in on the Soviets back in the cold-war. (wow)

The best one so far is about lab grown man-made meat! yes! NASA is working on creating meat tissue in a lab for astronauts to eat. because we all know MRE's suck. here's the "meat" of the article and the first thing i thought of when I saw it.
"This technology could spell the end of moral vegetarianism, since animals would no longer be part of the meat-producing process. But it raises some interesting questions… For instance, would it be acceptable to use one of these machines to produce meat based on human muscle tissue? Practically speaking, human meat is extremely nutritious to humans, and such vat-grown man-burgers would not have originated from a human. There would also be no risk of cannibalism-related diseases. But on the other hand… Ew."
yea! Thats no bologna... I cant wait. check out the full Damn Interesting story here.
that and all the other storys are there for your amazment at www.DamnInteresting.com.

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