Oct 24, 2006

LOST! randomness

ok its that time again.. more random thoughts on LOST.

the sickness....
what is this "sickness" Danielle talked about? thats another plot line they never really came through on. also, Kelvin proved that there was no sickness to be quarantined from.

Danielles Maps
the thing that intrigued me the most was danielles maps having the numbers on there. she had em listed over and over. coincidently in the same arrangment as a connect four game. there was a math geek thread on this with people trying to solve the calculations on her maps, that seemingly went nowhere but if Danielle IS who she says she is, what was she trying to figure out? was it fragments of her memory coming back from before she was lobotomized by the others? thats a whole other theory. we seriously need a Danielle backstory.. and since they've been holding out on a danielle shipwreck episode.. i think her version of her own story might be a lie, or a lie planted into her brain by the others.

Lenny and Connect Four
a lot of people assumed he'd be using the "numbers" to beat hurley at connect four. but given
that he knows about the curse of the numbers he wouldnt do that. would he?

Juliet, Ethan and Ben
Juliet was upset in the beginning of the premier because maybe juliet cheated on ben with ethan then left ben, and ben being the leader sent ethan to go to the fuselage and didnt really feel remorse for his death. juliet still holds a grudge. possibly before the first scene with juliet there was a meeting about who would be a part of the team sent to rondevu with the crash, which was expected to come some time soon. and he chose Ethan, who he knew was unexperienced or not ready for the job, to spite Juliet.

The Swan was Fake Theory
the swan never really did anything. the magnetic anomoly was generated by a machine in the swan and the button was in fact an psych test. the magnetic build up that came from the system failure was part of it.. it looked bad so the inhabitants would be scared and continue pushing. the failsafe was dharmas way of turning it off. the light show was to add more significance to the inhabitant that finds out about it and turns the key. they go unconsious. then dharma pulls them out and "implodes" the hatch. they wake up discombobulated. something like that.

part of me is thinking the plane crash wasnt related. the earthquake and the system failure were but that had nothing to do with the quake. also, i think Kelvin trying to leave was connected to the others knowing the plane was coming. desmond missing the button was just a result of him chasing kelvin out of the hatch.

kelvin was in on it the whole time. Why, knowing there was no sickness be wearing the mask if he was alone? also why would be on the beach at that exact time? he was expecting Desmond to wash up, and put the mask and suit on in case he saw him.

since my theory discounts any real anomoly I can only say that Rose's cancer went away and her doctors were wrong or dharma. part of a bigger plan to get her and bernard to Aus to see the healer. why, i dont know. but thats part of my "dharma engineered thier lives to end up on 815 theory" similarly with Locke. his paralasis may have been more mental than physical. or induced by Dharma somehow. And Jin being able to concieve as a result of being on the island? this is easily disproved by Sun being a lying whore.

Locke talking to the island in the last episode
the Island isnt talking to him.. he was just trippin' out on whammy paste. he knew that ecko was missing and needed to be found.. boone telling him "they took him" didnt mean anything because it was a polar bear that had him

Jacks Tattoos and being "Repo Man"
i cant remember but was jack a doctor when he got called to pick up his dad? maybe he left his practice.. went to Thialand and got all down n out... ended up being a repo man.

is it possible he wasnt totally lying? why would he just pull "repo man" out of his ass?

what happened in the wake of the sara/dad fiasco till the time he ratted out his dad? and then how much longer after that did he go to Sydney? Sara still fresh in his mind ie: the nickname for anaL. and maybe "Tom" was the name of the guy who Sara was really seeing... and Christian was jealous even tho he wasnt actually having an affair with her.

DAVE is real theory
i rewatched DAVE again. Dave IS real, he is part of the whole dharma set up on the losties. the hospital, Libby and even DAVE were all dharma. thats how DAVE was on the island. because he's dharma. also, how did hurley get the keys for the window? i think they were planted there by dave while he was sleeping. provided by dharma. I cant explain why, but it all kinda fits.

ok sorry if none of that makes sense. its just taken from my various posts on the Lost message boards. new episode tomorrow! im juiced.

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Anonymous said...

Good stuff man. I'm pretty happy with last week's episode.

I like your theory about the Swan and being pulled out. Good idea.