Oct 13, 2006

Pretty Pottie Pee-Pee Problem

ok lets get away from LOST and onto some real-life nonsense.... I was just at starbucks and i needed to pee. someone was in there so i waited. a woman came out and laughed in the back of my head thinking that the bathroom might be stinky. Thankfully it wasnt stinky but oddly, there was piss all over the seat. all in one place like they we're either aiming or not able to see where they were peeing. that chick must have squatt-hovered over it as to not touch the seat with her ass.. but then misfired all over it. after i came out of the bathroom the woman was putting cream in her coffee at the sugar station. we made i contact and it was kind of awkward. How many ladies pee on the seat? this is a startling revelation given that men have been, pardon the phrase, pissed on over the lifting the seat issue for as long as theres been seats to piss on.

unthoughtout side rant:
honestly, i think women should put the seat up when they are done. since its there for them to sit on. we dont need no stinking seat. plus in a dark morning, sometimes drunken haze, we may not always remember to lift or have the ability to aim correctly. then walk away oblivious to the state he's leaving the seat in. women on the other hand will instantly get the brunt of thier forgetfulness and sit on the wet, cold, porcelain. lift the seat if youre sittin'. if you dont, its your own damn bed. lay in it. Just like guys do when we have to poo.

ladies, if youre confused by this notion this site will guide you through the steps..

sorry. i just thought it was ironic/gross that a chick pee'd on the seat.

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Heather said...

gotta comment on this one. At our last building the women's bathroom was horrible. the woman down the hall all stood on the seat and squatted. always had pee everywhere, and dirty foot prints. Even had poo splattered on the wall once. i talked to eric to see how the men's was and he said it was spotless... he didn't even mind putting his ass on the seat it was so clean...