Oct 12, 2006


its thursday so you know what that means. It means I watched LOST last night. It didnt really do much for me. they kinda answered some questions tho. This was a Sun/Jin flashback episode and we learned that she is a lier and has been since she was a kid. Sun was having an affair with the blald dude at the very least and lied to Jin about it. they never actually acknowledged that they bonked tho. we also have more proof that Jin so far, isnt a killer. He can whoop some ass tho.
On the island, we learned that the Others didnt know about the sailboat and possibly about desmond at all. this also implies that they didnt know about Kelvin or have any way to see inside the Swan hatch. They have observation monitors in the Hydra viewing the Hydra but not other hatches like the Pearl watched the Swan. so far we dont know who was in the Pearl watching the Swan.
Its becoming more clear that theres some internal drama going on with the others. Ben and Juliete seem to have had a relationship before and it has ended recently. This may play a role in Juliete having sympathy for the losties to spite Ben. who's full name we learned is Benjamin Linus and that he's been on the island his whole life. He claims they have contact with the outside world and to prove this he tells Jack that Bush got reelected and then shows him video tape of the RedSox winning the world series. this, to me, only proves they have cable and not neccesarily "contact" with the outside world.
Alex, aka, the chick we think is Danielles daughter, shows up hiding from the others, asking about the dude that was in the other cage. Carl. So, there may be another group of others willing to help out our losties.
at this point im just rambling and repeating the episode... no big "ooohs and aahs" in this one but we learned alot of little crap. sawyer is still a bad ass, and next week looks rad. i think Boone comes back in Zombie form...

I have photoshop tonite and I have to present my UFO pics. This is the final class of the "intro" part of it. The advanced class starts next week. its technically a different class so hopefully some of the retards wont continue on.

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