Mar 19, 2006

C'mon dad, I'm Prairie Doggin' here

If you ever wanted to know how I go from this...
to this...

you can check out my friend Polly's blog called Prairie Doggin' on She had me write a thing about myself and my art. I give the best attempt at a step-by-step in how i make my art.
Even if it wasnt me on there you should read it anyway because theres cool artists and cool stuff.

thanks Polly


Jessica A. Walsh said...

I actually didn't know almost any of that. I also don't know how you scan a painting unless you have a giant scanner. I also don't know what programs you would use for something like that. My head hurts. I hate not knowing how things are done. It was a nice piece though. I assume you used a canvas?

I'm a collage and furniture gal myself. For the new place I'll be decoupaging furniture in old black and white photos I bought at swap meets and garage sales.

Kirk said...

the painting is on 20" x 18" canvas and i use my digital camera to take a pic of it.. not a scanner on that one. the program is Adobe Photoshop. i've been messing with this stuff for quite a while. trial and error is a big part of it since i'm self taught.

I'd like to get into more functional art and things like that. but for now i just draw goofy shit.

thanks! oh and those pics were for you because we were talking about NorCal. I wanted to show you what it was all about. best i could with a phone cam anyway.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

The pictures still blow my mind. I like to come back and look at them.