Mar 30, 2006


LOST! holy shit that was cool! Here's my take. i dont have DVR so this is straight from memory from last night.

first of all, Henry was Lying. They found the real Henry Gale's License on the dead body. and he was black! what a fucking lier! but we still dont know if he's an 0ther for sure.

Lockes Legs hurt now .. they didnt before with boone. remember in the episode they are trying to use the trebuchet to open the hatch and it stabs his leg but he doesnt feel it.
we still dont know how he got paralized.

Nadia DID go to LA after all. Sayid was on the right track to find her.

Lockes dad conned more than just Locke.
this opens the possibility for a connection to Sawyer.

The map (crazy!) drawn by someone "in the know" but wanted it to be hidden. the doors going down must have been common because a map on the door while up is pretty hidden already. why use the glow paint?

they show the mural in the backgroud when the doors go up. I wonder if theres hidden messages in glow paint in that too?

They are getting drop shipments. (but why didnt they see or hear a plane?)

who ever is dropping the shipments doesnt know about the losties being there or that Desmond and Kelvin are gone. all they know is that the button is getting pressed.

I think fake Henry being there, the doors and the drop shipment are all related.

who buried the real Henry?


jimbizzle said...

Lost sucks, and your photo bucket image is gone too.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

So what you're saying is that there is no way in hell I could just start watching this show next week and understand anything at all?

Kirk said...

nope, i suggest getting the Season 1 DVD's and then this summer (hopefully) when season 2 comes out.. get that and then when season 3 starts you'll be caught up. personally i liked watching it all at once, it was like a movie.

Anonymous said...

Dude - check this map...

WOW...someone went through it all....


Jessica A. Walsh said...

I think I might. I must admit, I saw my first ever LOST commercial Saturday and why did I think they were on an island? I saw a bunch of dudes in yuppy clothes and some whorey looking lady. I was pretty lost. No pun intended. I guess I just have to see it.

I'm also not too keen on that alcy drunk driver actress who plays a cop in every movie she's in.