Mar 15, 2006

Surreal Life gets Surreal

I cant wait to watch Florence Henderson use her special hypnotic mind powers on the latest cast of my favorite train-wreck, The Surreal Life. She gets to use her "skills" and open the emotional bottomless pits of housemates STEVE HARWELL, the hack singer of SMASHMOUTH, WHITESNAKE video vixen TAWNY KITAEN (who both should have gone on celebrity fit club instead) C.C. DEVILLE the corpse who used to play guitar in POISON, Playboy TV's cover girl, ANDREA LOWELL, actor/actress ALEXIS ARQUETTE, (Boy George from Wedding Singer. what a freak) and the man himself, George Jefferson, Sherman Helmsley.

let the 24 car pile up begin!


Jessica A. Walsh said...

I've seen a million way too lengthy commercials. Who's the dude dressed like a girl? I've been wondering.

Anonymous said...

That's ALEXIS ARQUETTE, he's the one I want to see the most!! :) I love him...too funny! :) yay!