May 25, 2006

LOST season Finale!!

holy donkey nuts that was a good episode! they answered a few big questions and opened up a bunch of new story lines. next season is gonna be huge. Here's my random thoughts on LOST.
they are gonna sound negative but there are a few things that kinda bugged me.

ok so lets get the big shit out of the way. it looks like the Numbers really do something. they keep the electromagnetic field at bey so it doesnt suck airplanes into the island. this appearantly is what crashed the plane. what doesnt make sense tho is how a magnet that can barley pull a couple home appliances can pull a jetliner out of the sky. the implications of a magnet that strong at close range would do way more damage than it did.. also consider that when 815 was pulled off course and sucked out of the sky, Desmond put the numbers in before it got as crazy as it did with Locke and Ecko.

dang there is so much i dont know where to start. lets go with charachter connections. ok so, the sailboat was Libby's. she met Desmond at the airport(?) and gave it to him. we still dont know anything about why she was in the hospital or why she was in Aus. but the fact that she randomly meets a dude and gives him a boat is more evidence for me that she was part of Dharma and her job was to help make sure desmond got to that island. i also still thing that she was in the hospital watching Lenny.

Kelvin Inman, was the head guy in the US military that made Sayid torture his buddy in Iraq. most people expected to see him again since he was a bigger actor for such a small part. Kelvin was making the invisible maps with detergent? and without the blacklight? after umpteen years down there he couldnt hot wire the blacklight? that was kinda lame. Kelvin appearantly knew there was no sickness but kept up the ruse to keep desmond scared... so then why was desmond all freaked about sickness and shit when the Losties got there? that didnt jive. also, why didnt Desmond say to Locke, "its a test huh?.. then why did that magnet start shaking and sucking the hatch into it?" why didnt he say something before they let Ecko and Charlie blow themselves up, before they locked themselves in there. that seems like a thing you'd mention right away. Why was Kelvin out of the hatch when he found Desmond? just a lucky coincidence? .. also, why would he be wearing the suit if he knew there was no sickness unless he intended on finding someone. seems a little iffy. i think theres more to that.

desmonds girlfriend, Penny, penelopy Widmore, daughter of Charles Widmore.. no doubt part of the Widmore Group. Which has been seen in LOST previosly. the pregnancy test was Widmore Labs, and the Construction company i think Micheal worked for was Widmore Const. the "LOST experience" related book "Bad Twin" is all about Widmore and its relations with the Hanso Foundation which funded the Dharma project according to the Orientation film. is the keystone to the "lost experience" and is uncovering the wholesome facade they put on to cover up that they are funding projects like Dharma, however far it goes. the book "Bad Twin" also ties Hanso and Widmore to a company called Paik Heavy which is Sun's fathers company. what they do and how they are connected with this is still a mystery.

it turns out Henry was "him". the Others leader. what a stud he was to get captured. all the stupid mistakes he made and all the shy ameturish weaselings we all a put on? the others are still as much, or more of a mystery the more we see them. who the hell are they?! what the heck are they doing there? i still think they are leftovers from whatever the dharma inituitive was initially. if what they told micheal is correct they can escape if they want to, but dont. maybe they are just hippies in a commune... maybe the island is like "the Village" in that M. Knight Shamalamamamaaa movie.

what the hell was that statue? 4 toes? we're getting really wierd now. but what pisses me off is that if someone would actually explore further than that damn cable thats 20 feet from thier camp they'd have seen that, and the Others fake camp with a hatch door that leads to nothing by the way. .. didnt we see people coming in and out of there? if its fake, then where did they go and where did they come from? this also reminds me... what happened to Sayid, Jin and Sun? the last we see of Jin and Sun is on the boat, and the last we see of Sayid is in the fake camp. i guess we'll have to wait till next season. they probably wont even address it.

The tube canisters do go to nothing, like i thought. The Pearl is fake, like desmond said. but why? doesnt make sense. still no monster, but we get the weird bird again. what the hell is that bird about? and the whispers... shortly after they get shot with the electro darts and the others come. are the whispers the others? are they "pretending" more than we think.. are they more than clean shaven doctor types? aliens perhaps... god i hope not.

"more than we bargained for" Walt really freaked em out. so this is one of the new plotlines we're gonna get in season 3.
1 - what happens to Micheal and Walt? does Henry have another definition of "rescue"? what awaits them at those coordinates? we shall find out next season.
2- what will be in store for Kate, Jack and Sawyer... and again, why them?
3- what will Hurley do? will he tell them about what happened? who will take over as the appearant "leader" of the losties? my bet is Sayid. but will he attempt to go against the others wishes and return to their side of the island?
4- the fate of Desmond, Locke and Ecko.. what the fuck was that noise and light and shit? ... didnt seem to phase the others much. frankly im a little pissed about claires reaction... and im more pissed at charlies "it was nothing" response. (tangent anger here... what the hell is Claire injecting her kid with?!!!! you stupid bitch you dont just give a newborn mystery injections)
5- the widmore connection. we leave off with russian scientists in a blizzard appearantly tracking weather and electromagnetic surges. who are appearantly working for desmonds girlfriend. this makes me think back to the scene in this ep where she says to des. "if you have enough money you can find anything". she still has the photo of desmond and her so I think she's looking for him. I think that her father's company that bares his name, Widmore. is all part of this whole thing and Penny found out enough to know that Desmond is caught up in whatever her father is up to.
6 - the statue. looks like old roman or egyptian but has 4 toes. may be nothing more than a mythelogical creature, but where and what the hell is that island!??
7- they still need to explan all the crap from season 1. danielle, the cable, the numbers..lockes legs, etc etc etc.

ok im sure theres more, comment if you think of something.. i'll be in the forums.


Anonymous said...

Apparently the guys in the snow were speaking Portuguese.

Polar Bears, Black Smoke, Statues, Birds, WTF.

And that cable, good point, sometimes I wish I was on the island so I could go exploring.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

I really wish you could rid your mind of everything LOST for two minutes and re-read what you just wrote.

For someone who never saw one episode, that was the trippiest, most confusing, WTF ever! Very entertaining.


Kirk said...

jess, yes, this is why we are all hooked!

mack, me too, this is why i'm pissed none of the bacground losties arent doing anything.

Anonymous said...

No one came out of the Other's was just being the implication that they were faking their hatch as well - along with their camp.

Also - Zeke's real name is TOM, and Clugh's real name is Bea. Does that mean anything? why put it in the script?

I have a feeling the "violent" light all around everyone was the elecromagntics releasing it's hold over the island. Locke, Desmond, and Eko are fine...No explosion - no nothing...

Remember - that door on the hatch wasn't connected...maybe when the magnet failed - it sent the door in the other direction...

also - Libby's husband...David or could it be - Hurley's Dave? Was she stalking him to talk to her Husband again? Did she go crazy from her hubby's death? Or does she work for the company? I doubt she works for the company...that's too coincidental - even for lost.

Also - do you think it's weird Walt would have completely forgot about Vincent?

Angie said...

Good point about Desmond's response to Eko and Charlie trying to blow themselves up. The interest at the last minute was a little annoying. Also, totally agree with you about Charlie's non-reaction. Why can't Charlie be scarfed up by a polar bear or something. Isn't it weird that Libby is the only person whose back story didn't end on the episode she died? Makes me think she definitely wasn't on the plane. Hopefully they will answer more questions next season.