May 1, 2006

sunday, bloody sunday

the sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky. I decided to dig out the patio chairs out of garage. the garage was full of crap so i had to climb. I lost my footing and used the sharp chipped corner of a giant mirror to break my fall. I ended up having to get stitches. the doctor said i was really lucky because i missed a major artery and a bunch of important tendons and ligaments that make my fingers work. thanks god. here's some pictures! warning, if you dont like blood you might want to skip this.
homemade bandage
this is the biohazard disposal that no one used the whole time. the nurse put all the bloody bandages and shit in the regular trash. is this ok?

this is the pain chart. i was Leve until he stuck the needle in my wound. thats later.
my hospital bracelet. its like a backstage pass, but not as cool. there were some gnar ass people in the ER.
ahh there it is! this is right after they took off my homemade shit. this looks like nothing but it was pretty deep, and like i said, potentially hand fucking.
there we go. this is right after he injected sulfuric acid into my laceration. OMG that shit sucked.
by sufuric acid, i mean the shit that numbs you. it was like fire in my viens. then it bled like hell.
here it is prepped for the stitches. i swear that yellow benodine shit makes it look worse.
stitch action. steady hands at work. it's such a primitive thing. just sew it up.
then i got a tetanus shot. I hadnt had one since i was a kid i think. see ya in 10 years!
they finished me off with a cat n in the hat bandaid.

i got the chairs, popped some motrin and we sat in the sun and enjoyed the rest of the day.


Jessica A. Walsh said...

I'm surprised they let you take all those photos. Sweet. Getting hurt sucks but always yields good stories.

Feel better.

jimbizzle said...

AWESOME! Can I poke you oowie like Lisa Simpson did to Bart's?

I guess you still get to play drums, because your a lucky bastard that didn't cut through his tendons. Rock on for that!