Jun 8, 2006

The Aristocrats

The Aristocrats is a documentry about a joke famous amongst comedians called, The Aristocrats. They interview about 100 well known comedians and actors about the story and thier interpretations of this joke. whats so special about a joke you ask? this joke goes basicly like this: a guy walks into a talent agents office and says he has an act for him. he tells him its a family that walks out on stage and... this is where the teller gets to improvise. the teller gets to invent and describe the most disgusting foul and repulsive act that a family could to with and to each other... then the agent asks what they are called and the guy replies simply.. "the Aristocrats" its kind of a weak punchline, but the point was to contrast the jaw dropping scene just described and the upper class sophisticated word like Aristocrat. in one scene somone talks about how the joke has evolved from the early days of comedy. and how its had to get worse because we're so desensitized now. they said something like"they show stuff like this on southpark every week" so Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who created Southpark did a clip especially for the documentry. and of course, i found it on YouTube.com.... enjoy.
oh and its not safe for work.

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