Jun 27, 2006


remember when you were a kid.. well they have them now I suppose, but remember when you were a kid and they had those face painting booths at carnivals and stuff? even as a kid i remember them always sucking. rad now you have a shitty drawing of a stupid butterfly or something on your cheek. well I hope these are better than that..

this one is called "canadian bacon" its acrylic with stenciled spraypaint on canvas, 18 x 20"

this one is called "Low Prices" its a bad portrait of the Walmart CEO, H. Lee Scott.
acrylic on wood plaque 5 x 7"

yesterday I ran into the chick who runs the Shakey Hand Gallery and she asked me if i'd been painting for the show in August. I lied and said "yea". my guilt lit a fire under my ass and i finished the 2 paintings above last night. These and many other paintings of mine will be up during my solo art show August 25th-September 18th at the shakey hand gallery in Martinez with an opening reception the night of August 25th. check out ShakeyHandGallery.com for more info.

its going to pretty much kick ass.


jimbizzle said...

mmm bacon! I'm gonna try and make it to one of those shows.

Anonymous said...

Im so going to be there and dragging Jim in tow! August 25th, maybe I'll get a birthday present while we are there! If I'm lucky. Wedding buget permitting.