Jun 1, 2006

i won this battle...

...but not the war. sonovabitch verizon made it virtually impossible to put custom ringtones on this phone with version 7 software as far as i can tell. BUT.. i was able to get the bluetooth to connect to bitpim and i can move pics to my computer.
without further ado.. here's the first batch of random photos from my new phone.

this one isnt much, just me at my drumset. snare doodles

air holes for breathing

ok, evergy drinks are getting out of hand. i knew it was bad when they came out with Pimp Juice but now a Girl Power femenist energy drink? and why is it next to the eggs?

on a side note, Artist, Hot Rod, Kustom Culture pioneer and admitted racist, Von Dutch who's namesake has been used to sell trendy clothing to assholes recently, also has an enrgy drink to add to his catalouge. wtf? why? why even make clothing with his name on it?.. the douchebags that wear the shit dont even know he was a person.

and a note further to the side than that, on Hogan knows best, VH1 celebreality show about the WWF Wrestler Hulk Hogan and his family, he realises his body cant take anymore abuse so he resorts to hawking products with his name on it. one of them being an energy drink. its funny to see the process of how Hogan, the beverage scientist comes up with his new invention. its an interesting process. first a energy drink company hires his publicist to find a name to sell thier drink. then Hulk pretends to like it and then they try to sell it. personally, i think its about 20 years too late for anything with "Hulkster" on it.

all energy drinks taste the same anyway.

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Jessica A. Walsh said...

That whole Von Dutch phase was really troublesome to me. I hated going in public and seeing the trucker hats and all the shirts; that's how much it bothered me. One day Mike was so annoyed with it all that he went up to some guy and said, "Hey, out of curiosity, who is this Von Dutch person?"

The reply:

"He's a rapper out in LA."

Mike didn't even know what to say so he just walked away with his head bowed. I hope he's rolling in his grave. Someone sold him out big time.

Hulk's doing it to himself. Von Ducth was a pretty private man. It's just wrong.