Jun 13, 2006

higher learning

Im thinking about taking some courses at the local JC. I'm pretty much limited to evening classes so I can't do all i want to do. I've got to juggle around my schedule and prioritize what i want to do. a full evening of learnin' would pretty much make band practice impossible too.


I'm thinking of taking art classes mainly, which puts me in a wierd situation. I'm pretty good at drawing and shit but I've never really taken formal art classes so I dont know how "beginer/introductory" i should go. On the other hand i dont want to get in a class thats over my head.

theres also some mutimedia graphics and CAD classes but they totally conflict with the art courses schedule. but these are classes that would actually help me get a better job..... damnit.

if i havent registered in a week, get on my ass about it.

oh yea and i trimmed the wintercoat. i knocked her down to a #3.

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Jessica A. Walsh said...

When trimming the winter beard, you should also trim the winter beanie.

Go back to school. Take intro art. (You'll be the best in class and learn proper terminology and I guarantee you you'll learn something else too.) Then next semester take CAD and shit like that. Never stop learning.


School won't be every night. Practice another day. You live with your woman so now is the time to do these things.

Register, damnit.