Jun 26, 2006

"its a dry heat"

well, I'm back. Arizona still sucks. It was like 108 average all weekend. luckily Air conditioning flows there like the swallows of Capastrano.

We flew out of Sac which was new to me. I'm used to flying out of Oakland or SF. Although Sacramento is a little of a drive up, its really a chill and simple little airport. we got there hella early so we chilled in the Gate for like 2 hours because, you know, terrorists hate to wait. They had this less than inspiring paper mache airplane on display like some retarded piece of art. Maybe the 1st graders that made it for them were taking a field trip so they felt obligated to keep it up. i dunno, it looked like a giant turd with wings. I hoped we werent flying on a turd.
while we were waiting i drew this self portrait. i drew some other crap too which i might post later.
then they finally boarded our flight, which sucked. meg isnt a good flier and had like 4 beers at 30,000 feet. I just tried to keep myself occupied with the shitty in-flight magazines they have. Did you know Southwest is 35? yea, me either since the plane i was on was built in 1982.

so we get there and its the same fucking Scottsdale we left a few months ago.
hotter tho. Nothing exciting happened so i didnt take any photos. I didnt even turn on my camera. Her dad got a new flatscreet TV tho with this fucking gameboy remote that controls everything. talk about pointless. the picture sucked too.. it was like it had low resolution or something. it was chopping up all the gradients.. anyway enough about the TV. (you can tell how rad our trip was, all im talking about is the TV) so on that note: here's a pic of crappy scottsdale
on saturday we went to see grandma. which was the whole point of this trip. appearantly grandpa was being an asshole all week... heh, go figure. megs brother said, "just dont ask him how he's doing" i guess he went off on everyone about how he's pissed at God and whatnot. mainly because he's losing his house slave probably. we get there and Grandpa opens the door and says "she's back there, in the sick room" then we didnt see him the rest of the time we were there. what a fuck hole. Grandma was doing good, she was alert up and shooting the shit with us. bla bla bla then on sunday we stopped in before we left and the first thing grandpa said was "do you know how to make a seafood salad?" he asked me and meg and we both said no, so her dad hooked it up. what a fucking cock licker. he cant make his own goddamned seafood salad? .. oh yea his slave is sick and on her death bed, now he's gonna starve.

after that we went to this little hole in the wall of the brandnew stripmall pizza place. the sign outside said "chicago pizza". i then thought to myself "I'll be the judge of that". you see, ever since I left Chicago i've been on the search for good deep dish stuffed chicago style pizza. most of the time its just a gimmick and its not really chicago style. But this place was the real deal. I think the owners were actually from Chicago. it was the bomb. and the best deep dish since I left the windy city. they even had a giant map of Chicago where they ask you to put a pin in the nieghborhood you were from. I put one in on the street Johnny K's recording studio was at. my band lived there for 2 weeks in 2001 and 2 weeks in 2002. I love that fucking City.

So coming off a pizza high like 2 hours later we all went out to Mexican food. This place was like Chevy's but shittier and everything had 2 pounds of cheddar cheese melted on it. they had 3 kids of Mexican Pizza's. J-Slim would know what i mean when i say Guido's House Of Cheese times 10. a fucking Lactaid nightmare waiting to happen. plus i had 2 slices of Chicago goodness in me still. I got light chicken tacos scraped off the cheese and then gave one of them to megs sister. oi vey.

then Sunday morning we went to a Jewish Deli/Bagel place aptly named, "Chompies".(If youre picking up on a theme here youre spot on. all we did was go out to eat.) and youre probably picking up on another theme here, resturants themed for other, BETTER places. you see, Arizona sucks so bad and basicly has no culture other than the Native American theme thats prevelent in the architecture. But stupid fat white people get bored of that and want to feel like they are at home (or on vacation) when they go to the fucked up desert to visit thier parents (or move there because its cheap and then pretend its not fucking 110 degrees 3/4 of the year) .

but its a dry heat ..... right.

speaking of dry. After we visited grandma (and made grandpa lunch) yesterday we met up for a quick lunch, consisting of many fried brewery foods. I mentioned this 4 peaks brewery before. its actually not a bad place but I still had Chompies' Corned Beef Hash and 2 bagels in my gut. anyway, while we were sitting there, the sky got dark and the wind started to pick up.. shit started flying through the parking lot and the trees were all crooked. we were witnessing a good ol' arizona dust storm! oh hell yes. but as we got closer to finishing we started thinking about our flight. her dad said it wouldnt be a problem. boy was he wrong.


I guess airplanes dont like dust storms as much as i do. it held up like EVERY flight at the airport and fucked us over like 2 hours. we boarded a full ass flight hella late, had to wait for some layover fucks from texas and then we were off. I took a couple pics while i was waiting.
this looks like a logo i've seen on skateboard shoes or something.
you cant tell from this pic, but this dude was walking around the Airport and he looked like Flavor Flav. he had a giant gold medallion and a stupid nylon doo rag thing on his head. then, i saw him down on the tarmac... holy shit he works there!! ha ha.

the flight was again bumpy as shit so the flight attendant didnt even charge meg for her beers. southern hospitality i guess. The 50 somthing Texan Stewardess standing on the seat next to me to secure the overheads with her crotch in my face I'll chalk up to southern hospitality too.

we got to Sac finally. I was delirious from the flight but the fresh California air kept me alert enough to catch this gem in the parking garage.
After my trip that could have been my car.

then we had to drive from Sac to 'tinez at 11:30 at night. I had my window down the whole time.
AHHH fresh refinery air! smells like home.


Heather said...

Yeah, sac is cool to fly out of... we can get better flights and the drive isn't that bad.

Have you gone to Zachary's in Oakland? Everyone tells me they have the best Chicago Pizza in the country.

Kirk said...

best in the country?! fuck that and fuck them for even saying it. you can go to chicago and walk into the first place you see and get a better deep dish than they have a Zachary's.

i've had zachary's. its ok but not like i had in Chicago. im sorry but its true.

jimbizzle said...

There is nothing better then the first choking breath of being home to signify that your path to lung cancer is going to continue on.