Jun 4, 2006

summer LOST theories

its been over a week since the LOST finale, and there have been a few things that I keep thinking about.

I think the Others are part of Dharma in some way. my proof, the Theatrical Glue Kate found. why would whoever is funding Dharma provide Costumes and Theatrical Glue, if not for the Others to use? why would they need something so specific and novelty like theatrical glue? if it was all purpose glue i can see it being in the standard supply drops, but something as specific as glue for fake beards, and fake beards? i doubt it.

the supply drops seem to be provisional things they need sent as they think they would need them. alcohol in some cultures, even candy bars and cigarettes are thought of as things you "need" but not theatrical glue and costume supplies.

unless one of the psychological experiments was to pretend youre savages, and freak out survivors of a plane crash, then take notes on thier reactions.
the only other real reason to have dharma brand, theatrical glue is if one of the original parts of one of the dharma initiatives were to pose as "savages"at some point. either the others are that same dharma group, or subjects that found out what dharma was up to and ended up using the same tactics on subjects of thier own.

i dunno, i think the others actually being part of dharma makes more sense to me, but the latter is a good alternative.
so the only question that needs to be asked is what other purpose would whoever is funding The Dharma Initiative have to produce and supply costumes to the island?
another thing i was thinking about was the timeline from when Kelvin was in Iraq to when he joined Dharma. kelvin says he joined dharma initiative after he quit the military.

we saw him in the military with sayid in the mid 90's in iraq.
he made reference to "people following his orders" as a reason for leaving. was he talking about him making sayind torture his own officer? but we have other evidence that Dharma was abandoned in the 80's.

so, if this is true, the dharma inituitive is recruiting (to military personel?) in the real world and still active after the 1990's, when Kelvin was still in the military.

the other option is that kelvin was already in dharma when he met up with sayid in iraq. adds a whole new twist. who else was in dharma and "pretending" to be normal people. this goes with my theory that everyones lives had been engineered to get them on that island.
another interesting timeline bit. the "newer" (2004-05 Sears front loading washer and dryer) that libby made note of are present 3 years before the crash when Desmond is brought to the hatch.
so, who and how is dharma (active in the 90's) recruiting new people and why hasnt there been anyone new after rezinski and inman? was danielles team supposed to unknowingly be replacments for the hatches? heck, are the losties supposed to be unwilling replacments for the hatches?

another thing that's been bugging me is that damned "end it all" failsafe switch..,
other than making a loud noise and bright light... when you turn the key, does it turn off the magnet or does it turn off the system than keeps the magnet from turning on?

if its to turn off the 108 system, what would be the point of having what is essentially a "history erase button" switch
if its to turn off the magnet, why dont they just do that to begin with to end all the 108 fuss.

if the 108 thing keeps the magnet off why is the number sequence so complicated?, or... for the 1000th time, why dont they just automate it?

then I come back to the idea that the only reason to have humans conducting a repetative task is to assure someone or something that people are alive and able to enter then numbers every 108 minutes.
someone suggested to me, the purpose of the experiment is to contain, control, and study the magnetic phenomina. I believe the failsafe device is an EMP or something that produced a large surge of reversed polarity in order to cancel out the powerful magnets, but rendering the means of study worthless..My question is... If the magnets were that powerful, what was containing them before the button? Howcould they have even constructed a means to control the engery in the first place?

one last thing.. the electromagnetic anomaly message the guys in the arctic station, is in the same format as the dharma computers. there is no reason for this since they are on a modern Windows system. they are linked into the dharma computer system somehow..
that was a good finale tho... giving me stuff to think about until next year.

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