Jun 19, 2006

over-easy, like monday morning

I hate sunny side up! damnit i wish it was 68 degrees moderate humidity in the mornings and partly cloudy with a breeze from the west all year round. fuck this heat shit.

Wednesday is the longest day of the year. the first day of summer. If i was in bikini shape i guess i wouldnt mind as much. but it still sucks being sweaty and uncomfortable.

c'mon every body we're movin' to Portland

anyway, so friday night I was the best boyfriend ever and went to a lame ass bar in Walnut Creek because it was my Girlfriends friends birthday. some of her friends are single so they are "on the market" so-to-speak. that means they go to lame bars with other desperate single people to try and hook up. I swear its like an 8th grade dance with booze. those people are fucking pathetic and i'd bet $10 they all have a myspace page with an annoying background image. anyway, the best part of the whole night was seeing this shit: its 10:30-11:00ish friday night, downtown Walnut Creek. the sidewalks are busy with young, hipsters getting ready to tie one on at the bars. Then out of a crowd of high heeled and disstressed jeaned twentysomethings comes this 7 year old kid pushing his way through on a little scooter. Wearing what appears to be his bed time clothes and to top it off... a batman cape and mask. "what the hell?... this kid is rad" but meanwhile we are thinking and looking around.."where are his parents?" its as if this kid snuck out of bed under some unwitting horny teenagers supervision, grabbed the essentials for a night of freedom, that being his scooter and his batman costume, and took off to have some well deserved funtime. wow!
I hope he's ok. the passers by seemed to think it was cute or "rad", hell i even snapped a picture with my cellphone.. i'd imagine if he were in any harm there were enough well minded adults to make sure he didnt get fucked with. you rock batman party kid!

...then yesterday i went to the bird store for fathers day presents.
this book wasnt quite what i thought it was gonna be about.


jimbizzle said...

That kid rocks! I need a Batman mask and cape!

Anonymous said...

you shoulda asked that kid if he was ok... you're bad, bad man Kirk :) Just kidding...

Jessica A. Walsh said...

Wow. I bet that made chilling at the bar much more fun.