Jun 9, 2006

beard-off 2006

i've been rockin the full beard for a while now. Jimbo just posted his old and new beard in his blog. i thought i'd counter that with some pics of my overgrown, wild woodsman look i have going on. I'm like 2 steps away from being Derelicte.
i've been thinking about trimming the winter-coat but its starting to grow on me. (no pun intended)
check out Jimbo's trimmed and proper face hairs.


jimbizzle said...

How am I supposed to compete with that?!

Kirk said...

just dont shave. i'm so afraid of the hairy mess its going to make, i've been putting it off.

jimbizzle said...

You need a flowbee or something.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

Hey, how long did it take you to grow that moustache?

A couple a days.

Mike's rockin the full beard. I don't like when his goat gets too long and starts to grow out sideways as well as vertical. I asked him to trim it and grow out the sides. He did. Full beards are sexy as hell if well maintained. My roommate looks filthy! His is also red so......

Mike's goat looks more like steel wool too.

I'd say keep the beard, but perhaps a haircut is in order?

Kirk said...

i'm digging the long hair more than i thought.

i used to have heavy metal long hair in HS, i'm feeling nostalgic with this mop.

and the beard meg wont let me cut off. i went back to the chin scruff and sideburns for thanksgiving 05 and meg hated it.

i kinda want to leave just the 'stasche and sideburst.. 1800's style. lol


Jessica A. Walsh said...

Staches alone without the beard or goat attached make me cringe and choke back my own vomit.

I updated my blog.

Anonymous said...

I don't thtink you should trim it shave it cut it or what ever. This is very cute on you and gives you a misterious yet sexy apearance. I don't know you but this is a big "dont fuck with me" sign, so when on bart the crazies will stear clear. (i wish i had a magical beard like you guys, lord knows the crazies are drawn to me.)

Barney Danger said...

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