Jun 5, 2006


Whats up fuckers? I spent 2 hours writing this blog already, then FF decided to crash when i hit "Publish". i hate the internet sometimes.

I forgot what i said but it involved some pictures i took with my phone and a new painting i did yesterday.

here's the first one, its a sunset from my porch. this is two phone cam pics put together in photoshop.click pic to zoom

this one is some bathroom gnar. I walked into the bathroom at starbucks yesterday to take a leak and saw this shit. so i pissed on it.

to ease you out of that gnarness, here's a nice photo of some old people having a date at Taco Bell. i'd hate to see the toilet after that date.
this is a clean 55 Chevy that was parked across the street from my house. I've always like the 55's the best out of the mid 50's chevy's. everyone likes the 57 but i think they are played out. What i've really been wanting lately tho is an old VW bus. something like this maybe.
these old VW type3's are cool too but my dad says the pancake motors are a bitch.

created with busselecta.com its cool as hell

and this is the painting i did yesterday. its acrylic on canvasboard, 18 x 20 or something.
i call it "The Shiek who unknowingly dirtied his robes"
also my phone got some clothes. in the form of an old Vans "Off the Wall" Dog Town sticker

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