Jun 14, 2006


hey shit fucks. we got TheRinger on the ol' Netflix because there is SHIT for good movies to rent these days. watched it last night and let me tell you, Johnny Knoxville plays the part he was born to play. a retard. He actually looks more retarded when he's not acting like the retard he's pretending to be in most of the movie. anyway, the movie was alright but the Southpark episode they ripped off was WAY better. and actually had a point.

most of the retards in that movie werent even really retarded. if i was a retard actor i'd be pissed like the albino actors that are bitching about not playing that part in DaVinci code.

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jimbizzle said...

The Ringer sucked! I hated it. I thought he played a shitty retard. What's Eating Gilbert Grap is still the best retard movie me my books.

Match in the gas tank.... boom booooom baboooom boom