Jun 12, 2006

munday randumb

ok, so if you didnt know already, Sebastian Bach is a fucking dildo. if you've watched ANY of VH1's Super Group, you'd know what I'm talking about. all i'm gonna say is Savage Animal is the stupidest band name ever and you are the biggest shit head loser for even thinking of it, let alone saying 100 times like its the best two words ever invented. -Scott Ian, you are still a cool motherfucker.

speaking of losers, i went to another Giants game on saturday. they didnt even fucking score a single run. what a shitty game. but this guy's hat was cool.
after the game we hit Gordon Birsch again. not as insane as last time but it was cool. i got some pics on my digicam i'll have to put up later. i'm a dumbass and forgot my cable. after that we ended up at some fratboy bar in the City. god how do i end up in these places? i guess i need to not hang out with people who went to college. the bathroom had a trough style urinal, so of course the insecure jocks were waiting in line for the toilet stall. to pee in. -fags.

this was above the urinal. it had a speaker that said lines from the movie. as i was pissing i thought "i need to see this shit when i comes out".... one of the roided out shrunken dicked gnarfucks got in my friend sarah's face like he was gonna fight her. i looked at him and laughed, but she held her own. after that he felt like a douche. fucking meatheads.

i also drew some stuff in my sketchbook. while pooping no less! some people read, i draw.

Hi Eric Tamo, thanks for reading.


jimbizzle said...

We should all go see Nacho Libre this weekend!

Jessica A. Walsh said...


P.S. I saw an Inconvenient Truth last night. Check my blog tomorrow for all the gory details. I highly recommend it.

Anonymous said...

I herd nacho libre was based on a true story! I can't wait. Patience is not a virtue I was blessed with, or spelling.