Jun 6, 2006

the day has come! 6 6 06

remember my post about the National Day of Slayer? well, the time has come. and i have Seasons In The Abyss waiting for me in my home stereo. what about you? got any spikey arm bands? do what you can.
also, ironicly, its election day here in California and some other parts of the country. Most people dont even know there is an election happening today. Here in Cali its the Gubernatorial election and a few other measures and govt positions i need to look up. but most importantly, if you're in a state that has Democrats running for Congressional seats.. you NEED to vote for them. its more important than you know. do you hate George Bush? then get your ass to the polls fuckers.

here's some jpgs i happen to have on my computer that i thought were appropriate for today.
this is a sticker i designed. AAA upsidedown is 666

some shit i found on the internets

i saw this sitting at starbucks

this is when my Dad Rock submission for threadless had 666 scores (and 6 days left)

billboard for the Omen movie. which looks kinda lame in the previews

our local mountain, mount DIABLO. which is spanish for SATAN!

the raddest old lady ever throwin' up the horns

that time satan and me got our drinks at starbucks mixed up.
Satan got a soy chai latte with extra foam. what a fag.

its also my mom's birthday. so i gotta do that too. OK bye, dont forget to blast SLAYER at some point today. and go VOTE!!

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