Jun 16, 2006

rita turns 40

happy birthday rosarita. dont worry, 40 is the new 30. and unfortunatly for me, 30 isnt the new 20. 20 is kids stuff these days. 30 is like the new 26.

anyway, i showed you this earlier but i think its perfect. the clown is horrifying. so is the dad. yikes, he looks like he's gonna eat that whole cake, then grandma, then the baby.

also I painted last night. I dont know what this is, or what it means but here it is in all of its blurry photo, acrylic, spraypaint and wood splendor.


Anonymous said...

I like that. How big is it?

Rita said...

Thanks for the well wishes! Could have done without the clown and predatory dad, but what the hell . . .

40 is the new 30 . . . I think the Social Security Administration is hawking that to get us turned on to the idea of pushing retirement way out. I'll be wearing Depends, in a wheelchair, still working, and somewhere, a loudspeaker will be blaring "You know, 80 is the new 70!" It will have to be blaring, cause, I'll probably be hard of hearing by then, too.

But I'm not gonna let it bother me tonight! (a very dated Atlanta Rhythm Section reference. If you don't know who that is, you are younger than me, and therefore a recipient of my scorn. And jealousy.)

Go me!

jimbizzle said...

That painting looks like a turtle with a bunch of turtle heads. You should paint a ninja mask on one of them!

Anonymous said...

You crack me up! So if im 27 is that the new 21 PARTAY!!!!