Jun 14, 2006

back on the threadless train

i went back to see what was up with threadless.com and they redesigned. looks cool but its still the same people. anyway, they have this new contest that basicly acknowledges the fact that all the designs are the same stupid shit over and over.. and i quote
"The purpose of this competition is to challenge your brains! To inspire something new, something fresh, something original. What does that mean? Glad you asked!

For this competition, No drips, no hearts, no skulls, no birds, no over-sized animals, no internet cliches, no clusters of random things, no pirates, no ninjas, no ironic references to 80s pop-culture, no 45-degree angles, and for the love of all that is holy - no more talking food! "
so with that being said, I thought I should throw my hat in one more time. I also thought that this should be the criteria for all the submissions, all the time.

even tho I've already accosted the 3 people that read this thing via instant messenger, I thought i'd post the designs on here in the off chance someone new happens to accidently click a wrong link and end up here.

give them a 5 and click "i'd buy" thanks.
click these to vote

My Threadless.com Submission My Threadless.com Submission


jimbizzle said...

I voted.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

I think it's effin rad that they basically made fun of at least half of their fan/client base by making those guidelines. I'll vote and that pic of your head on some fashion core dude is awesome.

Anonymous said...

I voted for you bro, I would buy every last one of the shirts you have up there and not just for myself but for my freinds and family too. As a matter of fact I think you need to ditch this website and get your own shirt making company and sell sell sell. I know artists hate to hear this shit, but if you took your portfolio to like Hottopic (dont forget teh fluffy poeple at torid) or Target I bet youd be there new "line" Buckle is another store, American Eagle outfitter ect. I was checking out the scores of your shirts and I think poeple who look at threadless are just artschool junkies or wannabes thinking htey can do better (they can't) who can't see the guiness (<-spelling) in the work you do! I could see your shirts on the racks just flying off. You just got to ask your self, do you wanna make money from this, or is it about just fun and expressions and not so much for money, but for...................... (the word is illuding me at this moment). Put togeather a portfolio and call hot topic and see what happens. The worst they can say is no the best they can say is we like your prints well make up 300 of each one and put it in 40 stores and see how they sell sell sell! Ok i saw that off a show about hot topic i dont wanna get caught steeling the idea, but its not a bad one. I have a shirt idea for you:
a fat (fluffy person) who had gartric bypass and is now deflated wrinkly skin saggy in a bikinni holding a hotdog or icecream wishing they could have it! Id buy that for sure! see what you can come up with.

sorry this was such a long stament, im just a fan!