Jun 8, 2006

cat scratch fever

you all know my dog George right? I've posted pics of him on here before. he's a kick ass basset hound. He is obsessed with early 80's rap and wears this outfit, or one like it everyday. lwell, what some of you dont know is that I also have a cat living with me. technically its my girlfriends cat.
He was a wild kitten she took in and raised. so he reverts randomly to his ferule ways and attacks you without and provocation. we have plenty of cat scars all over our hands and face. yes, face. Piggy, the cat, wakes up at 3:30am and wants to play, but like normal people were sleeping. so he stands at the head of the bed staring at us. then out of nowhere decides to attack megs face like its prey. Well, I think i got the sonovabitch back last night. he hates it when people watch him use the cat box so when meg was outside i caught him! I took this National Geographic Explorer photo of Piglet in his natural domain. taking a piss!!
look how uncomfortable he is! i can tell he's looking at me with the corner of his eye, but at the same time trying not to let me see him look at me. i bet when the flash snapped he stopped midstream and couldnt finish. take that, cat!

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I'm not a cat person, so this makes me happy.