Jun 29, 2006

The End of The World. Seriously.

Remember that shitty movie with Ben Afflack and Aerosmith when they fly plumbers to an asteroid to put Drain-o on it to save the world? Well, it might not be as fake as Ben Afflack's acting made it seem.

on June 27th, a couple days ago, a satellite was launched from a base in San Diego. They say it was a spy satellite but with other info i've uncovered it might be more than that. Coincidently, there is a controversial Space Shuttle launch planned for mid July. whats the connection you might ask?

On July 3rd scientists say a near-earth asteroid will come, as they say, dangerously close to the earth. So close in fact, they say we'll be able to see it with a telescope. I think the powers that be are keeping the fact that it may be closer than they say it is. I believe that the Shuttle, the satellite and the asteroid are all connected. and that NASA and our Government are pulling an Armageddon and secretly saving the world. There actually is a plan to defend the world against a threat like this. While hacking into secret government files I was able to acquire this diagram explaining how the program would work.

Your next question might be, why wouldnt they tell us? my answer to that is; did you SEE that shitty movie? It would be pandemonium. complete chaos. "dogs and cats living together - mass hysteria" (name that quote) Because the government are lying bastards. Remember Roswell?

my "proof"
NASA to formulate asteroid defense plan
West Coast launch tonight for rocket
Giant asteroid comes hurtling towards Earth
It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Movie Review: Armageddon
Dogs Taking Dumps


Heather said...

great! and all i thought i had to worry about was the yellowstone caldera. here come the anxiety and panic attacks.

Anonymous said...

Not before I become Mrs. Anderson! This can't happen My world is not complete! :(

The picture looks strangly like an ATARI game form teh 80's


Anonymous said...

Does NASA really use little space ship logos like the one on this pic in the lower left hand corner? Maybe the government and NASA plant these pics for hackers to uncover to protect the real plans. This is when hacking neverserves any good. I want to die sudenly without warning so I have nothing to worry about. WTF kirk. Now I'm sad and scared, when you feel like hacking into a place you know you shouldnt be just paint a picture. Same me the night mare. I beg you!