Jun 21, 2006

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yeah, fuck me. I skipped Tuesday. I bet all 4 of your are pissing your pants about it. I've been pretty swamped at work so i havent really had anything to talk to you about. I still dont really, since im talking about having nothing to talk about.

I got new shoes yesterday. I was torn between the rad Adidas Superstar 2's and the Chucks. the Adidas were like $65 tho.. fuck that, daddy's on a budget.
I'm also having an INCREDIBLE hair day.. look at this shit. love it and remember it because i think i might be shaving it off soon.
I'm going to hot as fuck ass Arizon again for a "grandma is gonna die soon" trip with my girlfriend. Its her grandma, who is pretty cool so its kinda shitty. If you've been reading kirknoggins you might know i've talked about her Arizona family a few times before. her grandpa is a cock.

new years in AZ

unpainted huffhinds

arizona III

... anyway its gonna be hot-as-shit-fucks so im thinking about shaving off this mop to cool down some.

other than that shit is the same. and for the record, i HATE black eyed pee's - that chick cant sing and she pisses her pants.

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Jessica A. Walsh said...

Can you post a picture of what you would look like with a shaved head?

P.S. Good call on keeping it real with the chuckas