Jan 21, 2007

the oldness skater dude.

i said fuck it and took my old fat ass to the Martinez skate park. So what if i sucked and probably looked like a retard on a skateboard i went to have fun. And I did. I didnt do much in the way of crazy tricks but i got some ollies in. hit the transitions on the pools...joined in a game of flatland S.K.A.T.E with some kids. i was doing ok until one kid ollied over a garbage can. pffft... then i got brave and tried to drop in off the coping. that shit is pretty high and i ate shit. look at my wound i got on my knee. there was a rock embedded in my skin!

here's a video i did with my phone to prove i actually skated. probably the worst skate boarding video ever made,

so now I'm sore as hell. i feel like got run over by a bus. hopefully i'll feel better and go skating again this week or next weekend.


jimbizzle said...

Nice crotch shot on the video. Invest in some knee and elbow pads. Maybe a helmet too. You're getting old dude. Old dudes don't heal so well.

Anonymous said...

I cant remeber the last time I skinned my knee or any body part for that matter. I use to love the scabbbbbbbbbss and pulling them off. Now im a sissy and they hurt tom much to pull off