Jun 12, 2006

how to E-Fuck someone. (no not that)

I might as well jump on this bandwagon since its still not resolved. this dude's friend left her Sidekick in a taxi, and the people that found it did the honorable thing. they kept it, used it to sign on to AOL, and take pics of their fucktard selves. then, when she got a new one the info from the old one was transfered over by her carrier. so now with the pics and login info the dude is going out of his way to E-Fuck these people. read the semi-hourly postings of the ordeal here.
http://www.evanwashere.com/StolenSidekick/ he's got links on 200,000 (200,001 now) all over the web about this shit. the cops are now giving him the run around but he's using his new found fame to bring down the man... and these ugly fucks that stole his friends phone.
here's the main 16yr old culprit, sasha AKA "mom" yes she's a mom.
fucking awesome!

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Anonymous said...

That's awesome... people are incredibly stoopid.