Jun 1, 2006

IRL ( in real life )

how is it that im on a ton of message boards and visit a buch of blogs and I never meet any of these people in real life? the chances should be pretty good right? Maybe we should all wear shirts or nametags that say what our screen names are or something.

the only time I ever meet people that visit the same website is when I mention Myspace. god damn i hate myspace. fuck this I was going to go into a rant about myspace but im not. fuck that shit.

anyway, if anyone out there reading this visits any of these sites and lives in the Bay Area we should hang out and get pizza or something.

www.thetailsection.com forums

www.oceanicfligh815.com SSB message boards

www.dailyplacebo.com blog




www.skullandbonesskateboards.com message board



theres probably more but I cant think of them now. I visit these sites almost daily and theres never anyone I know or could know on any of them. maybe its the whole idea of anonymity of the internet where no one wants people to stalk them. maybe thats whats so wrong with Myspace. anyway, i dont bite. come say hi. my screen name will usually have "kirk" in it somewhere.

1 comment:

Jessica A. Walsh said...

3 out of 9 for me. But I don't live in the area.