Jun 7, 2006

moms birthday bash

we went to Bella Roma Pizza for my mom's birthday. It's a Martinez institution. Its this old pizza parlor from the 50's with a big model train that goes around above you and a huge pipe organ that has tons of bells and whistles and drums and accordians and shit that takes up the whole place.

we used to go there a lot when i was younger. the pizza was kick ass. we'd even get take out, sans loud fun organ time. we stopped going there about 10 years ago because the original owners sold out to these middle eastern people. god bless them for not tearing it down, but they couldnt make a pizza to save thier life. after the ownership change i went there and the pizza wasnt just not as good as it used to be, but i swear it was the shittiest pizza i've ever had in my life. it was friggin ketchup on cardboard with toppings.
a few years went by and murmers of "i heard bella roma isnt that bad anymore" so we decided to give them another chance. it wasnt bad but not the same. Bella Roma, just like the local Foster's Freeze that got taken over by the Korean family, they started to lose business because they changed the 40 year old recipe that Martinezians were used too. and after complaints had to ask the old owners for the secret recipes and figure out how to make it like they used too. they almost got it, like i said it wasnt bad.
then we went to my granny & pa's house for cake and ice cream. I passed on the ice cream because i was having a lactaid moment from the pizza. I think the plumbing in their house is tapped into the fountain of youth tho. my grandma is like 74 and looks like she's 54. Pa is kickin too, he's almost 80 and still does yardwork and fixes cars. i remember when he was 73 he was 12 feet up in a tree with a chainsaw cutting overgrown branches.
then my aunt Gail showed up. she's a securituy guard now i guess. she showed up in full-on rent-a-cop uniform. awesome.

here's some video i took at Bella Roma. Meg kept saying the music made her feel like we were in Nepoleon Dynamite.

and there was this sign over by the bar. sucks theres a Partytime Limit tho. fuck that bar.

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Jessica A. Walsh said...

If your grandma is the one in the pink shirt and white visor, you can tell her I said she looks good as hell for her age. Word.

I think your mom is cute too. Aunt Gail not so much. ;-)