Oct 9, 2006

Funky Funky Ghetto...

i mentioned before i had to park in the back lot today because someone found a dead body right across the street from my work. (thats my work in the pic.)
it made the news...

Police Investigate Emeryville Homicide

POSTED: 7:21 am PDT October 9, 2006
Emeryville police were investigating a murder that occurred in an industrial area near the city's waterfront Sunday night, Sgt. Fred Dauer said. A man was shot to death in the 1300 block of 67th Street between Hollis Street and San Pablo Avenue, according to the sergeant. After an 8:43 p.m. call of shots fired, officers went to the area to investigate and found a Hispanic man dead with "multiple gunshot wounds," Dauer said. The city averages one to two homicides a year, according to police. According to FBI crime statistics, Emeryville had one murder in 2005 out of its population then of just over 8,000. The body has not been identified and no arrests have been made as the investigation into the slaying continues.
woo hoo! we're calling this the Columbus Day Shooting.

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Rita said...

Only 1 or 2 homicides a year? Hell, what are you complaining about? I think Atlanta was voted the Murder Capital of the United States!