Apr 3, 2006

7 days my ass!

Ok so.. when my "one can short" shirt design got accepted it said it was going to be in the running for 7 days. but the sonsabitches took it down after one day because of low score. WTF is that about? I mean what if all the people i told to vote werent going to get around to it until the 3rd day? what if on day 4 my popularity snowballed and i got hella votes by the 7th day. that just doesnt seem fair. oh well, my other design with the nubs got accepted this morning. so when you go to vote, make sure you not only give it a 5, but check the "I'd Buy" box too. appearantly the people that run that site are bitches and sometimes dont even print the ones that win or print ones that dont win because the "like" them. why do i keep submitting?


jimbizzle said...

I voted!

Heather said...

Dude... we'll print whatever shirts you want :o)
Eric made a shirt order so we should be sending you a sample this week.