Apr 10, 2006


So we have these cheddar crackers in our snack machine. You've seen em. theyre like neon orange and have this powdery substance they call cheese in the middle. They are really yummy and I get them occasionally but the thing that bugs me is the colors.

If youre trying to pass the stuff in the middle as Cheddar Cheese, wouldnt you make it more, I dunno colorful? perhaps the color of cheddar cheese. Especially when the crackers are chernobl orange. the contrast alone makes the pale yellow cheese substance look gray or even white. I've only seen Cheddar cheese that color after its been in an ice chest for 2 days on a camping trip and the ziplock you put it in leaked and 2 day old melted ice bologna water got to the cheese and made it all waterlogged. what the hell is it anyway? and why is it powdery?

People shouldnt want to eat that, but we do.


jimbizzle said...

I love those! I also love the ones with peanut butter.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

I haven't had those in YEARS but I will say, those are friggin' good!

No, we shouldn't really eat anything that comes out of two-thirds of a grocery store unless it's Whole Foods.

I especially liked the salty way the cracker melted in your mouth.

phlegmfatale said...

I dunno, I might like the flavor of those if I could ever get past the chalky texture. I never liked those thingies. But I do like their second cousin, goldfish.