Apr 27, 2006

wtf lost?

I painted again last night but I didnt get to finish because LOST was coming on, I cleaned up my shit got all ready then had the dissapointment of the last 3 weeks. WTF?! what the hell is this crap, it was supposed to be a new episode, not some hour long collage of reruns. this is worse than a Who's the Boss flashback episode. I waited patiently through 2 weeks of no LOST just for this piece of shit recap special? Operation "fuck that" is in full effect. My dad is more pissed than me. he called me to say things like"what the hell is this shit? ...fuck em, this is it for me... im done with this fuckin show, i dont care anymore... fuck em, that's it.." although it was hilarious, I felt his pain. and now i find out that theres only 4 episodes left? these better be the best 4 fucking episodes those assholes have ever written. these episodes should be written as if the devil had a gun pointing to their heads saying "write like your life depends on it, because actually it does" in his smart ass devil tone of voice. fuck me in the goat ass batman, i feel ripped off.

anyway, this is what i got finished before i was rudely interupted by retarded ABC programming executives.
i'm back to my old "brain to canvas" method of painting. no portrait here, this is good ol' kirk brain imagination at work. i'll post the finished piece when its done. and you know i will.

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