Apr 6, 2006

oh thursday...

i wish you were friday. Lost was pretty good, not the best but good. I like the Hurley episodes but i really hate the idea that its all in his head. thats pretty fucking weak. This episode should have been called "Hurley is hella fat".
Dave was definatly in his head, but I think it was him just extra stressed and needed Dave to help him cope, in this case justify contemplating suicide. the only thing that really fucked with me was Libby being at the Hospital. that was a Libby flashback not a Hurley one... i'd hoped they would confront this issue in the episode but they made it a cliffhanger. I cant accept it being in hurley's head tho.
and Henry... what a fucking jerk off. He still never told Locke his real name. But we now know that he IS an other and he knows a lot more about the island. what the hell was the "god doesnt know" bullshit? what was he trying to say with that. that the island isnt real... that they dont believe in god? and he said "this place is a joke" did he say that because he knew about this place all the time as being a test to see who would push the button? If he didnt push the button, then my theories about the drop are wrong. everything was really vague in this episode. no REAL anwers except Henry is an other, and that Libby was in the hospital with hurley. We also found out what hurleys accident was. his fat ass broke a deck and killed 2 people.

I hope next week is better. seems like it will be a lot about Henry and the others. Also it looks like they deal with Walt finally.

I worked 3 hours of overtime last night to get some bullshit done. I was up hella late doing house shit making up for the 3 hours late i was getting home. now i'm hella tired.

I painted last night too. i'll get a photo of it later when i get home. its a taco.


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jimbizzle said...

MMM Taco!