Apr 5, 2006

wish you were here

i hate it when they put that on post cards. no shit asshole. you're at the beach and i'm at work fuck you. It's like they create those cards to piss off your friends that arent in a cool ass place.
Wait a sec, who the fuck wants to be in Youngstown Ohio? seriously out of all the rad cities in Ohio.... Youngstown? you dont get to put that on your postcards. Better yet you dont even get to have postcards. You shouldnt even hang on to your hotel reciept once you leave. "I wish you were here so i could bitch about this place without having to spend 39 cents on postage" the nerve!
the most honest postcard i ever saw was in Lincoln Nebraska. It was a blank black card and on the back it said "Lincoln Nightlife" i laughed at the yokels in the gas station and then we left.

speaking of post cards, Rita is on vacation this week. she went to the beach can you spot her in this google earth image?
hi rita!

fuck man, I need a vacation.


jimbizzle said...

I have 7 more work days until I go to Vegas on vacation. I'll send you a post card!

Kirk said...

i hate you, im not even sure i get vacation here.

i have a friend with a time share in vagas.. so whenever i want to go..hotel is free!

im not a huge gambler or partier but i like vagas kinda.

Rita said...

I'm back . . . . and I have lots of funny shit to tell you.