Apr 21, 2006

free stuff

beth had an extra donut so she gave it to me this morning. chocolate cake donuts arent my fav, but fuck it its free. free makes stuff taste better. which brings me to my next 'free' of this morning.

As i clickity clack away in my cubicle i hear the receptionist rounding the office offering up a blackberry green tea frappucino. They made it wrong and made her a new one but she kept the wrong one and brought it to give to someone. how nice, but its a fucking green tea frappucino. no one wanted it. I love free stuff, so when she made her way over to me i said yes.

now, i've tried the green tea latte and its fucking gross. also, I love green tea. I've been a fan of the green tea for quite some time. long enough to know that its not supposed to be opaque. why the hell is it opaque? so, back to my free frappucino. first off, its not soy and has a giant dollup of whipped cream on it which has the potential to send me to the bathroom for some unpleasantness. but how often do you get free shit like this? and like i said free makes stuff better. so does being cold and topped with blackberry crap appearantly. It was still kinda ick, but wasnt as bad as the hot latte version.

so if im on the toilet later, just remember, I took one for the team.

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Jessica A. Walsh said...

Thanks for trying it. I came close to trying one yesterday but went for my usual instead. Now I know not to try it.