Apr 6, 2006

I painted!!

hey mofo's, now that we're basicly settled in up in our place, i busted out my paints! I've had these wood plaques since before christmas and have been dying to give them some art love. I shit out two paintings since yesterday. check em out!

this one is called "crunchy taco" acrylic on 5 x 7 plaque

this one i really like, its called "wingman" or "I got stuck with my old boss as my guardian angel"
acrylic on 7 x 7 plaque

now that i'm all arty again I might as welll bring up that one of my designs is making a good run on Threadless.com. click here and vote on this shit.. make sure to select "Buy Me"

If you ever feel like buying ANYTHING on that site use this link to get to threadless.
http://www.threadless.com/?streetteam=kirksheltonart I get hooked up with referral points and shit.

this one just got approved!! go vote!
I also sketched this at work, i think its a cool idea. its definatly a social commentary. i wanna work more on it and make it better.
ok thats it.. im juiced i painted. more to come!


Jessica A. Walsh said...

I like your taco. I voted on your shirt. Have a good day.

Is nubs still up?

jimbizzle said...

"I got stuck with my old boss as my guardian angel".... PERFECT!

I keep voting for you.

And to reiterate... MMMM Taco!

Kirk said...

nubs is toast.. didnt make it past day 1.