Apr 19, 2006

new ren & stimpy

Hey so they're coming out with a "lost ren and stimpy" DVD set soon. Its a bunch of never before seen, too-hot-for-Nick stuff. here's some of it.

man i miss those guys. for more check out John K.'s blog. he created R&S, and has a few more clips to watch.

speaking of TV, i just read this over on daily placebo
"Phillips (maker of TV's) wants to flag commercials so your [TV]set won't change the channel until the ad is over. Oh, and of course they want to cripple your tivo as well. Thing is they acknowledge that people might get upset... because they think their sets are broken. To get around this the wizards at Phillips suggest a helpful pop-up explaining that your stuff's fine, you're just being screwed."

money grubbing sonsabitches!

1 comment:

phlegmfatale said...

OMG _ that is SO intensely fucked up - how dare they prevent people from changing channels??? I'd return the fucking tv and buy another brand. Bastards!