Apr 11, 2006

LOST crackers!

ok, so i've started geeking out again on the lost message boards and I think i reached my lost-geek apex. I got sucked into a convo about something seemingly insignificant that probably means nothing but makes you sorta scratch your head. and with this show the smallest thing could be a clue to something bigger. the topic dejour is based on this scene in the last episode "Dave". Hurley see's a dropped box of food that was part of the "drop shipment" of food and supplies for the hatch.
he pics it up and gives into his fat urges to eat. he rips the box labeled "Dharma Inituitive Fish Crackers" and starts to stuff his face. What we are discussing on the board in way too much detail is whether or not the "fish crackers" are in fact Petridge Farms Goldfish. this may mean something. were trying to figure why the producers would use something that is clearly a brand name product rather than something more generic. we figure it must be a clue.
in my research (thanks rita) it came to my attention that Petridge Farms is really protective of its copyright on goldfish shaped cheese crackers. they even sued Nabisco.
Appeal from a preliminary injunction entered by the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York (Shira A. Scheindlin, District Judge ). The district court enjoined Nabisco from distributing an orange, bite-sized, cheese-flavored goldfish-shaped cracker that closely resembles Pepperidge Farm's trademark Goldfish cracker. The Court of Appeals (Leval, J. ) affirms the preliminary injunction.
so I mean if knock off goldfish arent common, why use something so proprietary to Petridge Farms. why not just use plain regular crackers. using something like "GoldFish" implies something.

Another part of me thinks that maybe whoever is dropping the supplies like "Dharma" or whoever could be just repackaging common products. check out the mac n cheese.
maybe i'm just really looking for something in nothing because the new episode isnt until tomorrow. god i love this stupid show. its making me discuss at length the relevancy of a box of fucking fish crackers.


jimbizzle said...

You have a sick sick problem.

Anonymous said...

HAHAH. nice.